Silent Hills Cancelled, Konami Confirms

Publisher Konami has confirmed that its Silent Hills project has been cancelled.

In a statement sent to Kotaku, the corporation said:
"Konami is committed to new Silent Hill titles, however the embryonic ‘Silent Hills' project developed with Guillermo del Toro and featuring the likeness of Norman Reedus will not be continued. 
"In terms of Kojima and del Toro being involved, discussions on future Silent Hill projects are currently underway, and please stay tuned for further announcements."

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is being fully unveiled today, and the trailer showcases plenty of gameplay and new mechanics.

Alongside hearing Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black," you will also see robots, jetpack jumps, transforming robot arms, wall running, super punching, and a tease for zombies.

The game arrives November 6, and pre-ordering the game will give you access to the beta on either Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC. 

Batman: Arkham Knight: Nightwing Confirmed With Teaser Trailer

The final of Batman: Arkham Knight's teaser trailers ahead of tomorrow's full trailer unveils a brooding Nightwing.
Much like the similar teaser trailers for Catwoman and Azrael (at least we're pretty sure it's Azrael), the very short teaser shows Nightwing looking into the camera silently saying, "Yes, I am in this game. But I am not telling you anything else."
All of these teasers are for a new trailer premiering tomorrow titled, “All Who Follow You,” which the game's director Sefton Hill has been teasing for some time.

[Report] Gears of War HD Remaster Coming to Xbox One

The original Gears of War is in the process of being remastered for release on Xbox One, Polygon reports.

Epic Games' 2006 third-person shooter is being improved with enhanced visuals and cutscenes, the latter of which are in the works at visual effects studio Plastic Wax. Similarly, Halo 2's reworked cutscenes in The Master Chief Collection were handled externally by Blur Studio.

Epic is no longer involved with Gears, having sold the franchise to Microsoft last year. Black Tusk Studios is now in charge of the series, and is at work on both the remaster and the upcoming, untitled sequel.

Microsoft seemingly teased a remaster of the first three Gears of War games when Xbox boss Phil Spencer retweeted a message about something called "The Marcus Fenix Collection" last year. Spencer later said this was simply a mistake, and Black Tusk producer Rod Fergusson reiterated this last month when he said that "there's no Marcus Fenix Collection."

That still appears to technically be true, with just the first Gears game being remastered. This was potentially meant to be part of Microsoft's E3 showing; Fergusson teased that something would be coming in June, and we know the publisher plans on highlighting first-party games during its press conference.

Destiny's Commendations Feature Getting Removed In Patch 1.2.0

Bungie has released more details on an upcoming Destiny update which will remove Commendations from the game. As detailed on the Bungie site, update 1.2.0 will remove the Commendations feature.

Players who have a surplus of Commendations will be able to "burn them for reputation" which helps players progress to their next promotion, earning an additional reward package. Commendations were first introduced in Destiny's previous downloadable content pack, and were needed to buy armor and weapons.

The patch notes also revealed that next Iron Banner event will take place on April 28 starting at 10AM Pacific Time. The event will introduce helmets for the first time, allowing players to complete the set. Bungie also announced when they would reveal the Trial of Osiris on a livestream, which will take place on April 29 at 11AM Pacific Time.

Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves expansion is set to launch on all platforms on May 19. 

Destiny: Xur Location & Inventory - April 24-26

Xur has returned to the Tower in Destiny to give you another chance to spend all those Strange Coins and Motes of Light you’ve been hoarding.

You will find Xur in the tower near the 
Crucible Quartermaster this weekend. You can trade with him until 9am GMT on Sunday, April 26.

This is what you can buy this weekend:
And this is what you can upgrade:
  • ARMOR – Achlyophage Symbiote, Mask of the Third Man, Helm of Saint-14, Helm of Inmost Light, Light Beyond Nemesis, & Heart of the Praxic Fire
  • WEAPONS – SUROS Regime, MIDA Multi-Tool, Thorn, Invective, Universal Remote, & Patience & Time 
  • CURIOS  Auto Rifle Telemetry, ShotGun Telemetry, Machine Gun Telemetry, Plasma Drive, Emerald Coil, & Heavy Ammo Synthesis

Destiny's House of Wolves Upgrade Process

Destiny's upcoming DLC, House of Wolves, will allow players to boost their older legendary and exotic weapons and armor to be viable for max level content, so long as they collect a new resource called Etheric Light.

Developers from Bungie explained the process during a livestream presentation today. Owners of House of Wolves, which launches May 19, can upgrade any legendary or exotic piece of equipment in the game to its highest level. For weapons, that means increasing their max damage to the game's new 365 limit, up from 331.

Ascending weapons will not reset progression for the unlocked perks on each weapon.

Legendary equipment will require resources, Glimmer and one Etheric Light to upgrade. Etheric Light is a new resource that will drop in House of Wolves' new endgame content, the arena-like Prison of Elders, and the PvP Trials of Osiris. Etheric Light will also occasionally drop during Nightfall runs, and during the Iron Banner event, meaning players won't need to own House of Wolves in order to reach the new Level 34 cap, though collecting required upgrade materials will take longer.

Exotic gear won't require Etheric Light to ascend, and instead will burn one Exotic Shard — among other common resources. Xur, the game's weekend vendor, will no longer offer that service, as players will be able to upgrade their exotics without his help.

Obtaining needed materials for upgrades will be easier thanks to new stock at The Speaker, an NPC in The Tower social area, who will allow you to purchase Shards for Motes of Light, or exchange Ascendant Shards and Radiant Shards for their respective Energies — and vice versa.

New Legendary weapons included in the House of Wolves DLC can also be Reforged by talking to The Tower's Gunsmith, allowing players to randomly change up the perks included on those weapons.

Bungie attempted to keep upgrade paths for gear "as simple as possible," according to Christopher Barrett, Bungie creative director.

The system sounds like a vast improvement over how The Dark Below, Destiny's first DLC, handled distribution of the game's highest-level gear. The armor and weaponry dedicated players had found during their runs of the Vault of Glass raid were essentially made obsolete by The Dark Below. This new system will not only make that gear worth using again, it will allow for more variety in the equipment used by the game's highest-level characters.

'Daredevil' Will Return To Netflix For A Second Season

Despite the popularity of Netflix's original shows, the streaming giant doesn't actually own most of the content it delivers to customers. It's a situation that the company is working hard to rectify, but in the meantime it has to negotiate with partners to continue serving up shows like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and its latest hit, Daredevil. The Marvel series only hit Netflix on April 10th but it's already proved lucrative enough for Reed Hastings and co. to renew the series for a second season.

There are some changes for the second season, however. Executive producer Steven Deknight is signing off, making way for Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez (who worked closely with the team during the first season). Of course, Daredevil is just the first of a number of new Marvel shows coming to the streaming service: Jessica Jones will debut later this year, with Luke Cage premiering in 2016. All of those characters will then come together for a Defenders mini-series, ensuring comic book fans can continue to justify their monthly subscription fee.